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Geoscience Testing Laboratory

Geoscience Testing Laboratory (GTL) is a subsidiary of Prime Group and the largest laboratory in the Gulf Co-operation Council region for the construction industry. The testing facilities have cutting-edge technology and some of the best qualified professionals in this field. We have earned a sterling reputation, and has issued more than 10 million certificates and reports; this is the highest number of certificates for quality and compliance issued in the region. The services of GTL cover every type of testing related to the built environment. We test soil, aggregate, cement, concrete, steel, asphalt, bitumen, wood, plastic and glass. Our geotechnical investigations look at foundation depth, bearing capacity, soil liquefaction and more.


Prime Consumer Laboratories (PCL)

Prime Consumer Laboratory (PCL) is a leading and highly automated testing facility for all consumer-related items, such as food and beverage, cosmetics, and other lifestyle products. Mostof these products have to comply with certain standards required for international trade. We test the chemical ingredients present in food items, cosmetics and test appliances for their safety and energy-efficiency features. Our world-class facilities ensure thorough investigations into their quality compliance, bolstering the commercial viability of these products.


Prime Environment Laboratories

The services cover ambient air quality, indoor air quality, water, waste water, marine water, treated water, ground water, drinking water and heat and noise. The companies engaged in the built environmentrequire certification to prove that what they have declared is correct. The intended result of the certification exercise is not only beneficial for documentation purposes; it also shows an act of goodwill. PEL tests samples, issues reports, and offers solutions, all in a manner that is fast and flexible. We are able to install mobile or on-site laboratories wherever required by government regulations.


Prime Certification & Inspection

Prime Certification & Inspection provides professional certification & inspection services in the fields of Management System Certification, Product & Process Certification and Personnel certifications as well as Inspection services in accordance with relevant international standards.

Prime Innova

The company’s training arm, Prime Innova, offers occupational training or certification of skills as per government requirements and international standards. Our training programme is designed to help an organisation’s staff meet the criteria set for a consistently positive performance.

Prime Waste Transportation & Disposal

Prime Technical Facilities Management offers services ranging from offering technical solutions to issuance of reports. Our comprehensive in-house facilities are equipped to assess every element of the built environment. This enables us to devise quick and cost-effective ways of facilities management.